Rogue Mage Short Story Teaser

Rogue Mage Short Story Teaser TweetThe Best-Laid Plans   The deadminer lifted the saddlebags from his mount, unimpressed with Mineral City. Lolo had directed him here, aimed him like an arrow, to find the lost Stone mage, the girl hiding among humans, and become her teacher. He had resisted, fought the mage priestess long enough to search for and find the vanished city of Sugar Grove, long buried beneath the encroaching glaciers...

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #4

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #4 Tweet$3000.00 Means Jewelry! The hubby picked a number out of a hat – an extra way of saying thank you for all the help you guys are giving us promoting this project. Lynn Knight Noworyta, YOU get a pair of pierced earrings made/beaded by me! Congrats! (I will need a mailing address.) Faith

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #3

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #3 TweetFrom Faith: Kickstarter is now at $2,917.00. 10 days in, we are nearly at the halfway mark! Hmmm. Need to come up with a prize for when we reach $3,000. I know! I’ll do a drawing for one pledger to receive a pair of handmade, hand-beaded, *by Faith* earrings! Wear them yourself or share witha friend. A good gift to a girlfriend. Please remember to pimp the project! We all want more Thorn...

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