Rogue Mage Team Interview

Rogue Mage Team Interview TweetFaith Hunter interviewed the Rogue Mage team. You can see part 1 of the interview over at MagicalWords.net. Go over and take a look. Feel free to post a comment and ask questions.

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #1

Rogue Mage Kickstarter UPDATE #1 TweetA big hello, everyone. I just wanted to update you with where we are and what we have learned. First, as you see, we have surpassed the $1,200 mark! Thank you! Thank you! The PR and social media ball is rolling. We have an ad in issue #20 of Kobold Quarterly (the current issue, back page), and Christina Stiles, our lead writer and developer, is interviewed within. You can learn more about the game...

Rogue Mage RPG Kickstarter

Rogue Mage RPG Kickstarter Tweet We have officially launched our Kickstarter Project to get Rogue Mage into production. You can support our project there and get copies of the game books, new fiction in the Rogue Mage series by Faith Hunter, cool Rogue Mage swag, a private game run by Christina Stiles for you and 5 friends at one of the gaming conventions she will be attending this year, and dinner Faith Hunter at one of the...

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